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auto8Emick’s Auto Service is a family owned and operated auto repair shop that has been proudly serving the Denver area since 1965. Emick’s Auto services Asian and Domestic vehicles both hybrid and gas powered. We offer routine maintenance such as an oil change, transmission service, and the routine scheduled maintenance recommended by the owners manual to maintain your warranty. Our Denver mechanics are experienced at fixing any mechanical problem you may have such as brakes, electrical work, A/C and heat, engine work, ignition, suspension, emissions, fuel systems, or anything else that’s is keeping your vehicle from functioning at its best. Even if you just want to know the condition of your vehicle prior to a trip, or if you are in the market for a used car and would like to know the car’s working status prior to purchase, we would be glad to do a general check over of your vehicle.

In addition, our owner and Denver mechanic David specializes in custom mechanical work on vintage vehicles.

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